Makeup Survival Kit.

Hello,today’s post is quite crucial whether you are super good at makeup or you don’t know anything about it. Every single one of us should have the appropriate makeup kit. You will find below some of the basic but really useful products that are needed in any makeup bag regardless what occasion it is.

  1. Tinted moisturizer,BB/CC /DD cream or foundation(depends on the level of coverage needed).

BeFunky Collage.jpg

2.  Concealer : for under the eyes area,acne spots and imperfections (breakouts).


3.  Compact powder : for a flawless look (espacially for oily skin).


4.  Contour&highlight palette (preferable to choose a matte contour color and a shimmery highlight one);respectively useful for face,nose and also cheekbones,browbones and inner eyes’corners.


5.  Blush : adds a pop to your cheeks,brightening up your makeup.


6.  Eyebrow marker : quick and easy for beginners.


7.  Eyeshadow palette : with neutral colors for everyday use.


8.  Pencil eyeliner : can also be used to darken the eyeshadow or to fill in the eyebrows.

BeFunky Collage..jpg

9.  Mascara : lengthens the lashes (with extra volume and curl).


10.  Tinted lipbalms : for a simpler and more natural look.


11.  A small tool case : contains a sponge for blending,cotton swabs,small applicators and brushes.

BeFunky Collage...jpg


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