Winter-Spring transitional items.

Hello,i know it has been a really cold winter and i bet you cannot wait to get into your spring pieces,so today we’re dealing with transitioning the winter wardrobe into the spring current trends. You can be surprised of how adjustable your closet items can be because none of the clothing pieces is confined to one season only.

First of all,vestsĀ are great for this matter,as they are a great layering piece with long sleeves or button-up shirts for winter and during spring you can wear them with basic tank tops underneath.


Also,for an effortless look,you can wear light denim for a warmer and fresh type of vibe.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

As for black leather pants,they’re a pretty basic piece during winter time but they can be a bit strong for spring so instead,you can wear textured light colored and lightweight pants which makes them totally wearable and breathable for a warmer weather.

BeFunky Collage..jpg

Wide-leg trousers : You can style them with short sleeve V/crew sweater.

BeFunky Collage...jpg

Poncho/cape coat : A great alternative for the cozy winter jackets.

BeFunky Collage....jpg

The trench coat : An absolute wardrobe essential piece, it is style worthy and suits everyone. It can be of a thick or light material,depending on the season.

BeFunky Collage.0.jpg

And the one last transitional tip is all about accessories, you ought to dare and add a pop of color to your outfits through accessories (with the right selections according to your taste and features).

BeFunky Collage.1.jpg

Colored sunglasses : this sort of shades reflects the pastel we see throughout spring.



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