FALL Favorites

FINALLY ! it’s getting colder ! At least for me !

¬†Today i’m sharing with you my essentials that i kept by my side throuhout this season.

First, i want to start off with these scented candles i got from Primark. They are super cheap and smell Amazing ! I display them on my TV table because they go so well with the color scheme of my room (light pink and burgundy). I started burning the light pink one, it smells so cozy and i can’t wait to try the other two, the strawberry cheesecake and the berry spice. It’s a good break from the floral scents i’ve been using for summer.

BeFunky Collage

Second, for the last couple of years, i can’t remember when was the last time i ever put any brand on my skin other than Yves Rocher, from creams, to foundation, to perfume (#notsponsored). Recently, i’ve been using these sample travel size hand cream and shower gel. I can’t say how much i enjoy using them, their smell; Red Apple is incredible, perfect for fall season and they complement each other. Their small packaging has been of a great help for me, i always take them with me on the go, i use the gel (as a hand wash) to freshen up at the university and i use the cream even when i’m stuck in traffic.


The next thing is Cinnamon. I cannot tell you much i used to hate the taste and the smell of this spice, but now i’ve been using it like Crazy! in everything; homemade lattes, hot chocolates, smoothies, teas and even in face masks. Whenever you get cold, flu or even digestion problems, blend one tsp of this magical powder with one tbsp of raw honey in a cup of hot water, and you’ll feel the difference, literally. You can also sprinkle some on top of your cappuccino or your oatmeal bowl, it takes them to another level.


The following was actually a gift, from my brother. Some people can see this American book as a typical romance novel, but i believe it’s beyond that. I did watch the movie, but there were countless details that would have never crossed my mind if i haven’t read the actual thing. No Spoiler alert! It transmits the ancient culture of Japan in a rich fascinating way. I was blown away with the amount of information i could catch by reading it. I will include the link to the book if you’re interested.


Now for music, i recently came across this song that i first heard from a close friend of mine, and i fell in love right away(with the song of course). It’s called wear sunscreen, it was released back in 1999, yet the lyrics are still unbelievably relatable. It has nothing to do with the “clich√©” basic song matters, it is rather motivational, it makes you take a deeper look at yourself. In almost 7 minutes, i guarantee you’ll feel inspired to do something, at least to put a smile on your face.


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  1. myriamornagui says:

    Loved the post! Keep up the good work


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